NEMA L14-30P to NEMA L14-20R Adapter - 30A 125/250V to 20A 125/250V, 10 AWG Heavy Duty Industrial Cable, CC-L1430P-L1420R

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Amps: 30 Amps to 20 Amps Voltage: 125/250V Conductor Material: Copper Plug: 2711 Connector: 2413 Wire Gauge: 10/3 Cord Type: SOOW 30 Amp 125/250V to 20 Amp 125/250V Adapter, 2711 to 2413 Features: *Weather Resistant UL Listed Plug and Connector Applications: Wiring for industrial machinery Washing machines and large appliances Heavy-duty tools and motors Temporary electrical power Lighting installations for construction site Generator power distribution Shore power connection For use: In dry locations do not to exceed minimum -60°C or maximum 90°C. In wet locations or other applicable locations. With flexible applications in severe environments. In areas where maximum degree for oil resistance and resilience are required. In cold weather applications. With Shore power; the cord may be completely immersed in water – NEVER immerse the plug or connector in any liquid(s). When exposed to oil or coolant do not surpass temperatures of 60°C.

  • 30 Amp 125/250 Volt to 20 Amp 125/250 Volt Generator Adapter
  • Locking Plug and Connector
  • Weather Resistant UL Listed Plug and Connector
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Grade Component
  • NEMA L14-30P to L14-20R