Bulletproof Hitches HD208 2.0" Heavy Duty 10" Drop/Rise Hitch with Dual Ball (22,000lb Rating)

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Bullet Proof 2.0 Heavy Duty 10 Drop or Rise Hitch is unlike any of our competitors' products. We worked hard to create 1 amazing Hitch that does the work of 10. Hitches are extensively tested and exceed SAE-J684 testing requirements. They are built to such a high standard that we have never had a single failure. You can see why from the features listed below: Class 4 Hitch with a 22,000 lb Max Towing Capacity & 3,000 lb Tongue Weight Capacity. 6 Ride Heights that are Easily Adjustable. The 2.0 Heavy Duty 10 Drop/Rise Hitch Weighs 46 Pounds. Each adjustable mount includes a 2-ball platform, which fits in the adjustable channel of the hitch. The 2 hitch balls are welded together onto the solid steel platform for maximum strength and stability. The Heavy Duty and Extreme Duty hitch shanks are solid steel all the way through and have chamfered edges so that they can easily slide into & out of your hitch receiver. The Solid Steel Shank also comes with two pin holes on the shank for more adjustment options. The textured powder-coated finish creates a durable surface to help protect your hitch. All Bullet Proof Hitches feature a durable corrosion-resistant powder coat. This process starts with an aggressive sandblast to remove all impurities and create a clean surface for the powder coat. After the sandblast process, the hitch moves through a 5-stage pre-treatment wash to remove any oil or residue. The metal itself is then sealed to eliminate the possibility of corrosion. The final step is an application of our signature black textured powder coat, which is applied by a Fanuc robot to ensure consistent thickness across the hitch.
  • Highest Quality Military Grade With Texture Black Powder Coat.
  • Heat Treated Anti-Corrosion 5/8 inch Pins, 2 inch and 2 5/16 inch Solid Steel Dual Ball.
  • Max tongue weight 6,000lbs/Max towing Capacity 36,000lbs.
  • Product Dimensions 17 by 15 inches, Weight 43 pounds
  • Made in USA
  • Fit type: Vehicle Specific