Zamp solar 40P Portable Charge Kit

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All Zamp portables from OffTheGridRVs are the latest generation, and vary a little from the main photos. The carry handle is now built into the outer case, they have new butterfly latches, better legs, and a smaller logo embedded into the lower corner of the case. (Please see additional photos) Most portable's don't have a weatherproof, adjustable voltage output up to 14.9v (critical) and 5 stage charging capabilities. That's what makes the Zamp portable top notch, along with the quality workmanship, all soldered and heat shrunk wiring, stainless hardware, riveted together and a ballistic nylon case. This ZS-40-P has an 8amp adjustable, weatherproof controller (ZS-8-AW) controller with LED indicator lights, and is the only size without a digital LCD display. They also have great customer service, real people answering the phones. This Product Does Not Contain Any Batteries.
  • Weatherproof controller, with adjustable output voltage and LED indicators
  • Stainless steel bracket swings out for easy viewing
  • Fifteen feet of UV resistant wire, with Zamp solar plug and alligator clips
  • Easy setup in less than five minutes