50 AMP 125/250V TO 30 AMP 125V ADAPTER, CS6365C TO 2613 - NEMA L5-30R

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Amps: 50 Amps to 30 Amps
Voltage: 125/250V to 125V
Conductor Material: Copper
Plug: CS6365C
Connector: 2613 - NEMA L5-30R
Wire Gauge: 10/3
Cord Type: SOOW

50 Amp 125/250V to 30 Amp 125V Adapter, CS6365C to 2613 - NEMA L5-30R Features:

*UL listed Plugs and Connectors


  • Wiring for industrial machinery
  • Washing machines and large appliances
  • Heavy-duty tools and motors
  • Temporary electrical power
  • Lighting installations for construction site
  • Generator power distribution
  • Shore power connection

For use:

  • In dry locations do not to exceed minimum -40°C or maximum 90°C.
  • In wet locations or other applicable locations.
  • With flexible applications in severe environments.
  • In areas where maximum degree for oil resistance and resilience are required.
  • In cold weather applications.
  • With Shore power; the cord may be completely immersed in water – NEVER immerse the plug or connector in any liquid(s).
  • When exposed to oil or coolant do not surpass temperatures of 60°C.

Cord Specifications:

S - Service Cord
O - Oil Resistant Jacket
O - Oil Resistant Insulation
W - Water and Weather Resistance

  • Extra Flexible Insulation and Jacket.
  • Flexible Copper Conductors
  • Black Jacket. Rated -40°C to 90°C. RoHS Compliant.
  • Rated as Extra Hard-Usage Service Cord.
  • Approved for Outdoor Use. Provides Premium Oil Resistant, Water Resistance and Flexibility.

Plug Specifications:
Leviton CS6365C, 50A, 125/250VAC, 3P, 4W, Locking Plug, 07847732618

Grounding: Yes
Amperage: 50 Amp
Voltage: 125/250 Volt
Pole: 3
Wire: 4
Assembly Screws: Brass
Housing Material: Nylon
Dust Shield: Santoprene TPE
Ground Post: Brass
Standard Cable Clamp: Nylon
Cable Clamp Screw: Philips Head, SS 304
Color: Black-White
Terminal ID: X, W, Y, Z and Green for ground
Terminal Accom.: #10 min to #4max AWG Solid or Stranded Wire
Cord Range: .680 - 1.125
UL 498: File E13399
CSA C22.2 No. 42: File 152105
RoHS: Compliant
UPC: 07847732618

Connector Specifications:
Leviton 2613, 30A, 125V, NEMA L5-30R, 2P, 3W, Locking Connector, 07847780787

At Rated Voltage: 2 HP
Grounding: Yes
Amperage: 30 Amp
Voltage: 125 Volt
NEMA: L5-30R
Pole: 2
Wire: 3
Body Material: Impact Modified Nylon
Back Cover: Thermoplastic
Assembly Screws: Steel, Zinc Plated
Color: Black-White
Terminal ID: Brass-Hot, Green-Ground, Silver-Neutral
Terminal Accom.: 18-10 AWG
Cord Range: .385 - .860
Wire Gauge: 16-8 AWG
ANSI: C-73
UL498: File E13393
UL Fed Spec WC-596: File E13393
CSA C22.2 No. 42: File LR-406
UPC: 07847780787